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Scheduled Fundraisers

What we need, how you can help...

The summer camp allowed us to buy a nice set of 32 singlets.  Varsity AND JV will look rock solid when we take the mat in the winter.  That sai, we still need to rasie some major jack to fund this season.

Upcoming events include:

1.  Golf Outing Sunday 10/07/2007 8:30am Bolton Field --> Run by wrestling alumni Chris Adams.  If you would like more information about the golf outing contact Chris Adam 323-6677. Cost is $65.00 per person and proceeds benefit St. Cecelia and Bishop Ready wrestling and football.  Sign-ups end September 27th. 

2.  Alumni, Booster and Fan Function - October 27th: 3:30-5:00 (at Ready), then reconvene (un-offically at Emelios) for the OSU football game. Come to the high school, check out the new room and weightroom and meet the team.  Snacks and appetizers will be provided by the parent group.  Opportunities to sponsor a Winter Classic weight class or provide a donation will be presented, although the MAIN GOAL of this event is to re-connect with Alumni wrestlers.

3.  All-sport T-Shirt sales will continue

4.  A team poster will be produced with business ads.  This did well last year.

5. The Winter Classic has been given a logistical once-over.  More streamlined and fantastico!

***Any leads, price breaks or donations are encouraged***